26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having thyoide is green pea good for me

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Question: Is it is true if i m having palak and pea then it is not good for my baby?? She is 7+ and having bm
Answer: Nothing as such dear. Palak is very good to have. Also pea doesnt cause problem if you have it. Have everything now. Have balanced diet and green veggies are too good for you.
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Question: haiiii.... shall i eat green pea (patcha patani) it is good or bad to me.... pls guide me....
Answer: Hello dear yes you can eat green pea. Green peas are good source of folic acid. It prevents anaemia also. Helps to reduce depression and prevents birth defects.
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Question: is having green tea good or bad in pregnancy?
Answer: Caffeine is bad for pregnant ladies. and green tea contains little less caffeine than normal tea. one cup tea is ok. but dont drink too much.
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