7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having gastric problem..... N vomiting issue. Even i cannot take water. Plz help me

Answer: Hi morning sickness or nausea is common during pregnancy due to rapid hormonal changes  happening inside your body ,it may stay for up to 4 the month Following are a few remedies to help you fight nausea Have a banana or an apple the first thing in the morning like as soon as you open your eyes it would help you with nausea as well digestion. A full stomach can trigger nausea so have small but frequent meals Skip spicy,acidic or fried food as it may trigger nausea Have ginger lemon or ginger Tulsi green tea it helps to supress nausea Take proper rest stress can make nausea worse Chew on some mint or Tulsi leaves it would help you freshen your breathe after vomit Try aromatherapy Add a few drops of peppermint oil or lemon balm oil And inhale with deep breath it would help keep nausea at bay Get fresh air Go for a morning walk not only physical activity I'd food for you during pregnancy but fresh air and oxygen would also supress nausea Gas is a common problem during  pregnancy as the digestive system takes a back seat during this phase Increase your fluid intake have 16-20 glasses of water a day Chewing ajwain would help you with bloated and indigestion Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and have that water in the morning it would help you with gas troubles Go for any form of physical activity Add a daily walk for 30 min in your routine or sign up for pregnancy yoga it would help you speed up digestion Eliminate gas triggers from your diet like cabbage,potato , broccoli, eggplant,wheat sprouts etc High fiber food in your diet help you ease gas concern fruits such as prunes,figs,banana or vegetables as well as whole grains such as oats and flax meal are fiber booster If you can't much on fiber ask your gynaclogist for a fiber supplements If you suffer painful constipation ask your doctor for stool softeners
Answer: Hello, Dear these are common symptoms during pregnancy. Try to eat in less quantity. Take 5 small meals instead of 3 big meals. Don't skip food. Do eat something even if it cause vomit. Increase your fluid intake to stay hydrated. Sleep or lick lemon when you have vomit feeling that will help reduce it. Also do some walk daily that will also help you at this stage.. avoid oily and spicy food.
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    Siimul Waqar178 days ago

    And my bp was always low.

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Question: I m facing vomiting issue frm.last night..cannot digest evn water nor feel lik having anythng even..what should i do
Answer: Same hpnd wid him..hv electrols...u hv to eat fr ur bby u hv no odr option..u cn hv lgt n dat to in small amount..i hv d vomiting ussue frm dy one upto 9mnth thats y i cn easily undrstnd ur pain..
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Question: always I am having indigestion and vomiting everything.. even I am not able to drink water
Answer: Nausea is very tricky at first place it doesn't let you have anything , and then more you stay empty stomach more severe it gets. Start your day with white rasgulla or coconut water. It really helps in easing out nausea. Second eat in small quantity but at regular intervals. Lets say at every 2 hours, this will provide the extra calories needed for your baby’s development and also will keep nausea at bay. Staying hydrated is again a great remedy. After each meal munch on few roasted fennel seeds mixed with mishri. This keeps the mouth taste favourable and doesn't trigger nausea. Kerp yourself occupied because thinking about nausea makes you vomit more. Lastly you can ask your doctor to prescribe you antivomit pills and it will take care of all your worries. Stay blessed!
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Question: Severe vomiting and dizziness.. What are the remedies..i cannot even drink water
Answer: hi dear! so for vomiting dear you can take tablets like emeset dear. and it can help you.as in the 1st trimester its very common for these symptoms to occur and it will slowly reduce by the end of the 1st trimester so dont worry dear. take a medicine after consulting with your doctor dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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