25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having g diahorrea from morning is it dangerous

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Answer: No, drink more water and use curd or chhanss
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Question: I am suffering from minor stomach pain sometimes today... Plz tell me the reason. Is it dangerous sign or normal?
Answer: Don't worry about the pain as it is normal to have pain in pregnancy. The pain can be due to gas which is very common in pregnancy. U don't need to worry but if u see that pain is severe then better is to consult the doctor.
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Question: Hii now I am 36 weeks pregnant I am having white discharge from yesterday is it ok or not
Answer: getting little bit of white discharge is absolutely normal in pregnancy by this stage of pregnancy you can also have mucus plug discharge which is used in quantity this means your cervix is getting dilated
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Question: I am feeling too much tired in the morning and after having meal my stomach is paining. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi...acc to google it says yes...identical twins... congratulations..n take care
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