13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having craving for Maggie?? Can i eat Maggie occasionally?? Does it contains azinomot??

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Answer: Yes it contains but yes u can eat once in a while like in 15 - 20 days as i do so..I have discussed this with my doc and she said that once in a while is fine..but pls too much if you do it will harm
Answer: You can have maggi occassionally. Not regularly
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Question: I am craving for Maggie right now?
Answer: Dear if you are craving then once in a while it is ok to have..please avoid taking it everyday,as the masala has a chemical that can effect your baby..it is called msg or ajinomoto..not a healthy ingredient.
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Question: I have a craving for maggie...can I eat one bowl of maggie...????
Answer: Hello dear. Hope you are doing well. I understand you'll have craving during pregnancy. I too used to love to have Maggi. Maggie is made of maida which is difficult to digest. If you really wish to have you can try Atta Maggi once a while in small quantity. Hope this helps.
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Question: Can I eat Maggie..? Is It Safe..?
Answer: Maggi is not a very healthy diet and it was containing a lot of lead which directly affects the brain so I don't know how this product is now it is better you are avoided
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