7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having cough. Trying to avoid medicine but it's not helping. Please suggest something. It is getting worse at night.

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Answer: Take hot water with salt, befor sleeping goggle it and sleep, please drink hot water u ll see the result
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Question: It's been 8 weeks and I am not able to eat anything, I am already skinny and now constantly loosing weight and getting weaker. Even if I am trying to eat forcefully, I vomit it out right there. How should I recover? Will it effect my pregnancy? Suggest me something I can eat. Thankyou!
Answer: Hey dear,,it is really a common thing.i had so.much nausea that I even used to puke out water 🙁..so give some time to yourslef,eat howmuch ever you could,but keep yourself well hydrated.no matter what you eat,let it be healthy.for emergency you have antinausea medicine prescribed by your doctor...
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Question: My baby girl is having little cough and sneezes. Please suggest me any home remedy as it is not suggestible to go out due to corona
Answer: Hi dear You can try saline nebulization twice or thrice daily Try saline nasal drops also Also give antihistamine drops.... If symptoms persist consult your doctor
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Question: I am having a burning sensation during urination I feel urge to urine frequently Please suggest me what need to taken care to avoid this.
Answer: Hello.. it seems like ur having urine infection..increase ur water intake include fruit juices in your diet.. consult your gynecologist for medication
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