18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having continue sharp pain in left side lower abdomen. Its not so light not so high. Anything to worry about??

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Answer: Hlo dear. Don't worry about it. Because the cause of pain is just increasing the size of ur uterus.and the activities inside the ovary.U should take rest at now. Don't do work alot .take some break between the ur work. But if u have sharp pain for long time the u should visit to doctor. And Dr. Gave to some medicine for it. But I suggest take rest and sleep at left side.
Answer: Round ligament pain happens in the sides of the abdomen generally when we walk a lot or body gets very tired. Try resting for sometime, if it's Round ligament pain, pain will go when body is given rest. Even after proper resting, if pain is still there, please consult your doctor.
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Question: Hi.. I am not having white discharge since 2 days.is this some thing to worry about
Answer: It is not compulsory to get white discharge from the pregnancy. due to hormonal changes you can get right district but as soon as I will become stable there may not be any discharge. Don't worry.
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Question: I am experiencing a Sharp pain in lower abdominal area
Answer: This pain is normal in increasing pregnancy . This is because of loosen of stomach muscle and joint. At this time you should walk more be more active . Do not sit for long time at one place:
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Question: What is the reason that iam having sharp pain in my right lower abdomen
Answer: If it's less pain, its normal due to increasing stomach size. If you are getting more pain do visit doctor.
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