32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am having blood clots in my ankle of right foot. Is this normal? I do have a problem of vericose vains. Doctor asked me to do lower limbs USG.

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Question: I am having a feeling that very tiny amount of blood clots in my nose..this is happening since 3-4 days..is it normal in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi...few people have reported small blood clots in their nose during pregnancy...it is normal During pregnancy, the hormone fluctuates and there will be a rapid flow of blood ... this applies to the nasal area also ... this is rapid blood flow may rupture the blood vessels inside your nose causing the bleeding ...so this is very normal during pregnancy... If u find the blood, keep your head elevated and breathe though your mouth Dont take much stress... If u find that the amount of blood increase,u have to check up with your doctor...
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Question: I am having a problem of frequent urinates is there any problem abd yesterday I am having a little pain in my right lower abdomen please answer me
Answer: Frequency of urination is normally increased in first trimester due to pressure of the growing uterus on the urinary bladder. Stay hydrated and have plenty of water and fluids. If you have associated pain discomfort in the lower abdomen or burning sensations while or after passing urine, frothy foul smelling or blood mixed urine then it may be a sign of infection. Meet your doctor, infection can be detected by a simple urine test. Hope this information is useful to you.
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Question: I am having swelling in my ankle, foot, palm and in some part of my face. Is there anything to worry about this...?
Answer: Not to worry even I faced this problem it will be OK after delivery so don't worry
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