10 months old baby

Question: I am having back pain since yesterday. Many say it is due to the anesthesia injection given in the spine during c-section. Is it true and how can I take care of it...?

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Answer: Not really. If this pain is related to your anaesthesia then you should get this pain immediately after delivery. You can get back pain due to stress and low calcium density. Better take an appointment with orthopaedic doctor for the same and take gentle massage and hot compress to get relief.
Answer: Generally all the pains will go away in post 2 weeks after delivery.If u have back pain later 4th or 5th week then wrong posture during breastfeeding will be a reason.In mid take back rest or use c pillow..It will be alright.Take calcium and iron tablets.Have a healthy diet.
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Question: I'm having back pain since the 7th month started..is it due to change of my mattress or is it normal??
Answer: Hi, back pain Is normal during pregnancy, not to worry.it is due to raised hormones and could be due to stress and growing uterus stretches ligaments of uterus and abdominal organs and puts pressure on back bone causes pain.start taking proper diet and proper rest.better to maintain good posture, avoid lifting heavy weights ,try to avoid standing for long time.try to sleep on your side not on your back.better to take paracetamol which is safe during pregnancy if you have severe pain.take care
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Question: I've pain in the middle of chest since yesterday. Is it because of acidity? Can I take eno?
Answer: Yes it's safe to take eno...but rather u should ask for ur diet plan, drink more water
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Question: I am having low placenta due to which I'm bleeding, how should i take care
Answer: Abdominal pain and mild bleeding is common with low lying placenta.. this is very risky position of placenta and if you will not follow your doctor's instructions properly it can lead to miscarriage.. take complete rest until your Placenta moves upward. Hope it helps.
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