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Question: I am going to complete 3 months of pregnancy. My legs are paining every time can anyone tell me what is the reason behind it?

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Answer: Hello Dear, Noy worry at all,It's also a part of pregnancy. Well,the weight of your growing uterus can push on the sciatic nerve and cause pain to run down the back of your leg. It could also just be leg cramps,The pressure your growing belly puts on blood vessels in your legs can disrupt circulation and cause pain and cramps. When a pain and cramps strikes, gently stretching your calf muscle can help.Sometimes it could also be something more severe, like deep vein thrombosis or uterine fibroids, so let your Doctor know.
Answer: It may be due to lack of vitamin c and d. You may have vitamin d test to confirm it. Leg cramps occur from 5 months onward. Also when ever there is lack of essential vitamins then then your baby takes his mother's vitamin.so it's the indication that your body requires more vitamin. You may consult doctor for more information. Thanks!
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Question: I m going to complete my three months of pregnancy... I m feeling my hands are becoming dry what is the reason of dryness... Plzz tell...??
Answer: hi mam usually during pregnancy our body will we can write only when the water level in our body is very less so you should take at least three litres of water per day which makes our body is metabolism to be stable and also it is important to take more vegetables fruits and Green leaves which makes our body healthy you can also take more tender coconut water Palm fruit and also aloe vera juice which helps to increase the water level of the body
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Question: my legs are paining today morning what is the reason...
Answer: Hi dear, Increase in blood volume and other fluids along with baby weight,your legs gets stressed out a bit.it takes the whole body weight and hence it pains and cramps.try massaging with warm oil and be active no matter how much it pains.keep your legs elevated.and never sit and stand in one place for long.decrease your salt content in food.drink plenty of water to avoid water retention in body which adds pain to legs.alao look for any protruded veins,could b vericose veins or spider veins which are common in pregnancy.....
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Question: I m having swelling in my legs... How can I get rid of it.. What is the reason behind it?
Answer: Hello! Swelling is a normal part of pregnancy that is caused by this additional blood and fluid. Normal swelling, which is also called edema, is experienced in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet. This extra retention of fluid is needed to soften the body, which enables it to expand as the baby develops. You can reduce swelling during pregnancy by lying on your side to relieve the increased pressure on your veins.Put your feet up whenever possible.Don't cross your legs or ankles while sitting.Stretch your legs frequently while sitting.Take regular breaks from sitting or standing. Frequent short walks.Wear comfortable shoes that stretch to accommodate swelling in your feet.Drink plenty of water.Exercise regularly. Eat a healthy diet and limit junk food. Take care
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Question: My mouth stinks after delivery. Can anyone tell what is the reason behind this.
Answer: Hi dear,in many cases mouth becomes stinky after delivery.Pregnancy and after birth your body is adjusting both hormonally and chemically. It can put your yeast off balance, Yeast is present in the vagina, sweaty areas, and in your mouth.So u can feel some bad breath ...U can do 1 thing Change ur toothpaste or can use Listerine but  make sure your brushing your tongue as far back as possible as that's where bad breath germs lie.Hope this will help.
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