40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am getting vomiting tendency throughout this week. Also feeling too tired. Is it any symptoms before labour pain

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Answer: No dear... U should consult with your doctor.. u r 40 weeks pregnant now.. and also update with Ur last sonography scans...
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Question: Sometimes i feel cramps and my hands and leg will also pain. And feeling irritated. Am getting anger also. Also feel tired. Is this the symptoms of labour?
Answer: Hi Some of the signs and symptoms of going into labour may include:Period-like cramps,BackacheDiarrhoea,lllllA small bloodstained discharge as your cervix thins and the mucus plug drops out (this is called a ‘show’) A gush or trickle of water as the membranes break,Contractions.
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Question: I am in 37th week and i am not feeling any symptoms of labour pain except vomiting
Answer: It's normal, dnt take tension. If you have urine related problm it can be infection otherwise it ll be fine bck pain n ol.
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Question: I m in 37th week of pregnancy I hv pain in pelvic and also feeling very tired is this symptoms of labour pain?
Answer: Pelvic Pain is common during the third trimester as there is a pressure on the uterus. You can try resting with the legs elevated, which promotes blood flow to the pelvis. Also check for signs of labor like nausea, fatigue or water breaks.
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