31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am getting period like pain and cramp at end of 7 month ....is this normal ?

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Answer: highest it is normal to get period like pain during the hundred Prime Minister that is nothing to worry you should this happens to the expansion of uterus you should sit down on the bed with their legs straight up you should Benz liking towards the pain if he called you can also do or what the compression which will help you
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Question: Iam 19month pregnent and i lots of back pain like cramp. Is this normal ?
Answer: Hi.. Dear back pain during pregnancy is common, because the ligaments in your body naturally becomes softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This puts a strain on joints of your lower back and pelvis, which causes back pain. It will be fine after your delivery. Try using Maternity pillow, it will give you some comfort.
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Question: I am in 8th month of pregnancy, and today I m feeling a little pain in lower portion of stomach like menustral cramp, is this normal pain ?
Answer: Hello dear... Mild stomach pain happen due to stretching of muscles, it is normal if you have severe pain please consult doctor
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Question: I am six weeks pregnant i am having stomach cramp and backache like period pain... Is it normal?
Answer: It's completely normal. Eat light foods. Avoid oily foods, junk foods, outside foods. Take lots of water. Minimum 4 litres per day. Drink fruit juice without sugar, tender cocunut. Stomach cramp will be caused as ur uterus is enlarging, take required rest & sleep. Dont lift heavy items. Give hot bag massage only in ur back. Apply some castor oil in ur belly.
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