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Question: I am getting overweight. Its my 24 week. I have gained a lot of weight. What to do?

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Answer: Hi dear, gaining weight is fine but it should not be too much, but i know again its tough to keep a track when so much is going on in your body but finally its all worth it. Start following few tips to keep your weight in watch Eat smaller portions Cut out condiments Swap unhealthy fats (like butter) for a plant-based version (try olive oil)trade baked goods for fruitfill up on vegetables instead of traditional carbs Cut out soda, and opt for water instead avoid large amounts of junk food, like chips or candy Exercise 30 minutes daily Some women are afraid to exercise out of fear of it harming their babies. But this definitely isn’t true. While some exercises, such as situps, can possibly be harmful, exercise overall is extremely beneficial Some of the best exercises for pregnant women are: swimming, walking, gardening, prenatal yoga and jogging
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Question: I have a lot of pimples on my face and now they are even leaving there scars , its my 24 week going , and pls also guide what should i do as i have gained alot of weight !
Answer: Hi dear, Totally understand your state as I myself suffered from acne in pregnancy.yes,it was due to hormonal changes.the only thing helped me was drinking plenty of water.also keeping your face clean.no oily creams or cosmetics.i applied aloe Vera gel for moisturizer.used turmeric and sandalwood paste on acne.avoid touching the acne as much as possible.change your pillow sheets twice a week.fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables helps to regulate hormones.also avoid spicy,deep fried stuff,sugary foods.for scars you could use sandalwood paste on it. By gaining too much weight while pregnant can raise your risk for birth complications like c section delivery and premature birth. And even if you start pregnancy overweight or obese sticking to the recommended range of weight gain can significantly reduce your risk of health problems like diabetes. I can understand how difficult it could get to reduce weight. But reduce or gain it in a healthy way.try the following tips: 1- starting the pregnancy at healthy weight,which you have already done it .so good job! 2- eat in moderation and more frequently.it would help you check your sugar and also increase metabolism. 3- eat complex carbs.like oats,brown rice, wholewheat and quinoa.they digest slow and keep you full for longer time 4-keep moving.include light exercises,like walking and swimming in your daily routine.it not only would check on your weight but also ensure flexiblity 5-plenty fluids.drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to keep you hydrated and flush out toxins. Donot force yourself to starve and crash diet.it would harm you and your growing baby. Weight would increase,as your body's hormones and water retention increases. Amniotic fluid also adds on. So donot worry much,post deliverey the weight would go and slowly through breastfeeding and healthy life style you can get back your pre pregnancy weight .
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Question: I have gained a lot of weight after delivery plz tell what to do reduce it
Answer: Hello dear here are some tips which can help you; Don't start dieting too soonLose weight slowlyBe choosy about foods and drinks. Eat to Lose WeightEat 5 to 6 small meals a day with healthy snacks in between (rather than 3 larger meals).Eatbreakfast. Even if you do not normally eat in the mornings, get into the habit of having breakfast.It will give you energy to start your day and stop you from feeling tired later.Slow down. Whenyou take your time eating, you will notice that it is easier to tell that you are full. You will beless likely to overeat.Choose nonfat milk and dairy products. Look for low-fat or fat-free dairy products. When youreach for a snack, choose fruits and vegetables. Foods like apples, oranges, berries, bananas,carrots, and pepper strips are great snack choices. They are low in fat, but high in vitamins andfiber.Drink 8 or 9 cups of liquids a day. Drinking water helps your body flush out fat. Limit drinkslike sodas, juices, and other fluids with sugar and calories. They can add up and keep you fromlosing weight.Choose broiled or baked rather than fried foods.Limit sweets, sugar, and fat.
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Question: I am 18 weeks week pregnant and have gained a lot of weight till approx 10 kg. My whole body has got swollen . Please suggest what to do ?
Answer: Avoid rice, more salty and sugar and oily rich items. Keep on healthy diet with lots of water, eat whole grains rich in fiber and have fruits and nuts when you are hungry and have milk. Weight gain is common, it is considered upto 15kgs we gain weight within 9 months, but you've already gained 10kg that's the reason for swelling take warm bath and light walk after your breakfast, lunch and brunch
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