5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am getting mouth ulcers....please tell me remedy as i am too confused during pregnancy... please help

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Answer: 1. Gargle with lukewarm salt water 2. Avoid hot and spicy food. 3. Use mouthwash regularly to kill bad bacteria 4. Take your vitamins especially B12 supplement 5.
Answer: apply honey on ulcers twice a day
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Question: Can u please tell me remedy for constipation during pregnancy
Answer: Dear  the simplest solution for constipation is by drinking more water. About 2 liters of liquids should be enough. Try to avoid any high-sugar beverages. Definitely nothing with caffeine like coffee, tea or cola. Tap water or bottled water is basically the best option.Eat more fibers. Basically, eat bread. Eat fruits. Eat more raw vegetables. Eat prunes! Avoid Fast Food.if all doesn’t help, visit your doctor. You might have an iron deficiency or something else making it more difficult to poop…
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Question: Hi i m 6 wks pregnant.i m getting mouth ulcers
Answer: Hi Dear! The ulcers are generally caused by virus that we carry on a daily basis with us and not for any underlying disease, sometimes its severe and sometimes mild. You can cure the ulcers with some carefulness. 1)Please apply anseptic gel after talking to your Dr. 2)Keep mouth clean with a medicated wash. 3)Dont have spicy, tangy food fr few days. 4) Drink plenty of fluids. Take care & get well soon..
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Question: I am getting mouth ulcers. What can be done to prevent them
Answer: You have to drink plenty of milk to take off the heat from your body. there are gels for mouth ulcers. Ask your doctor for the one that is suitable for pregnant women
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