26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am getting continuous watery discharge is it normal...anyone else experiencing the same

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Answer: no. its not normal. just consult with ur dr. some time dr. advice for vaginal tablet or cervical stitches. dr. adviced me both and after cervical stitches i m perfectly fine.
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Question: I am experiencing watery discharge with little red blood from the morning...plzz tell me is it normal???
Answer: Hello dear , although mild discharge is normal as it could be because of hormonal changes or stretching of the uterus but its important to get a scan done immediately. So visit your doctor and take complete bedrest after that..
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Question: I am getting continuous white fluid discharge is it normal to have so?
Answer: Hi congratulations for ur Pregnancy dear. White discharge is normal if it is fine and white in colour. It shouldn't smell or in yellow color. So if any itch smell or yellow then surely u can consult doctor as it can yeast infection. I also got dis and doctor gave me cream To apply and tell me to drink 8 to 10 glasses. Hope my advise will help u.
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Question: I am 7week pregnant and I am getting little brown watery discharge is it normal
Answer: if you getting brown watery discharge you should consult a doctor because this is 7 week pregnant so you should consult a doctor .
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Question: Its my 6th month and still i vomit sometimes.. Is it normal ?? Anyone of you experiencing the same ??
Answer: Hi, yes it happens, some might even vomit during the entire pregnancy. Try to have plenty of water and also take butter milk after meals for proper digestion.
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