15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am getting black colur stool from two days,and there is pain at right side of stomach below belly button. Is there any thing to worry

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Answer: Black stool is caused mostly by the iron supplements that you're taking...and the pain on the right side of the stomach os probably due to gas or acidity.. however please get it checked by your gynecologist if the pain increases..
Answer: It is normal because you started consuming iron tablet
Answer: It is fine .Black stool is because of iron supplement.
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Question: Hi ... I `m 13th week pregnent now... I am getting frequently stomach pain below belly button... Could u plz suggest me.. is there any pbm?
Answer: Pains can be due to different reasons please don't worry First kind of pain is due to indigestion Second is due to gas formation These are very common in pregnancies Take cumin add to water boil water till it becomes half the quantity add ghee sugar and drink it for three to four times at regular intervals of 15 mts Lie down rest well If your pain increases or any other symptoms appear then go to doctor immediately If pain dose not come down talk to your doctor
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Question: Hi I am 13th week pregnent now... I am getting stomach pain frequently below belly button. Can u plz suggest me... Is there any problem
Answer: light pain is common during pregnancy..it might be due to stretching n expanding if utreus n other organs..dont worry..take proper rest n healthy diet.
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Question: hi im having pain near right side of navel is there any thing to worry
Answer: There is nothing to worry dear. There are a lot of changes happening under your navel and that is why you are feeling pain
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