36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am getting a vomit and loss motion from early morning.... 3 time only. Is this ok or danger...

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Answer: yeah you seem to be having some infection you should take a drink tea to stop the vomiting and for the loose motions take banana apple rice stores curd pomegranate that will improve and also you can take some probiotics
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Question: Hello I am having loss motion..what should I do.it happens only in the morning time.
Answer: Hi, it could be due to indigestion you should have yoghurt everyday. You should avoid spicy food. Drink more of fluids throughout the day. Have promogranate and Apple .
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Question: Since two weeks I only vomit water in the morning that too only one time in a day but still why I got little blood vomit today. This is the second time I am getting blood vomit.
Answer: It would be much better if you consult with your doctor. As during pregnancy self medication could be dangerous.
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Question: 32weeks i am getting vomiting at early morning time is it ok
Answer: Yes it is normal in pregnancy.. keep some rice in night soaked in water and morning eat that..it VL help u
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