8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am geeting more vomiting so doctor told to take ondem tablet does controling vomit will affect baby

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Answer: These moments are very normal and do not affect baby if the doctor has prescribed the medicine you can take it safely but as much as possible try to avoid medicines and do some home remedy you can try to take adrak tea or honey it also reduces vomitings
Answer: Dear It's completely safe to take ondem tablet in pregnancy to get over of vomit it will not effect your baby
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Question: I am having mild cold.. Will my baby get cold if i breastfeed her????
Answer: no dear you baby might not get cold from breast milk or because of breastfeeding but if you will not maintain proper hygiene around baby then we will definitely get it so always use hanky to it's nice never touch your baby or without washing your hands
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Question: Hi, i took sonography(NT scan) yesterday. Report says i am 11 week 3 days pregnant (+/-1week). As per report, nasal bone is not visible and NT is 7.1; doctor asked for double marker test and its negative. Doctor has asked to wait for 10 days and to retake sonography test. He says there nothing to worry about and will be more clear in next test. My questions are- Is there anything to be worried? What changes should i do in my routine?
Answer: It's very high dear...NT should be under 2.5mm. kindly follow ur doctors instruction.
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Question: I have a strong sense of smell.. I am vomiting more due to those smell which comes from kitchen.. Any solution please
Answer: Did this happens because of hormonal changes which usually don't have any solution you will have to bear with it
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