37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling very much pressure on pelvic.. Bladder... Even on the side of thigh... Its very painful...

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Answer: Hey dear, rest assured that this isn't a problem, it's part of pregnancy. Experiencing heaviness or swelling in vagina occur due due to increased blood volume, also as the growing uterus presses against certain blood vessels or blocks them altogether causing the disruptive blood how in vagina thus swelling arises. As pregnancy will progress you ll experience more heaviness, infact this will be extended to your inner thighs as well. Take ample of rest and worry less.
Answer: As your pregnancy progress, your growing uterus squishes other organs especially your bladder. That's the reason pregnant women pee at every half an hour. Keep drinking lots of water and use washroom frequently. Don't avoid drinking water as it might lead to dehydration which in turn causes early labour.
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Question: Feeling very much heaviness in lower side of vagina/bladder..
Answer: it's normal dear.vaginal pain happens in delivery.
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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant.. and frequently i have night cramps on my right thigh. Its very painful.. any solu?
Answer: Hi dear,you should sleep in your left side as it is the ideal sleeping position .you should take hot water compression and try not to remain seated I in any one position for a very long time try to keep moving Thanks s will help
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Question: I'm feeling pressure on urine bladder is it sign of labor pain?? ya shld I wait??
Answer: Hi dear, It might not be the sign of labor,but the usual baby's rapid growth pressure.any intense pain that increases in interval of time could be the labor sign.since you are already nearing due date,you need to be quite vigilant to such pain.
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant n my baby is going downwards. Feeling exvessive pressure on pelvic and vaginal area.. M very much worried about it. Plz help
Answer: As days go by the baby will move down . U will feel some pressure for. Below which is very common don't worry don't stress and wait for the little one
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