25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling so much pain my right side abdomen for last two days what I can do tell me I m in great tension

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Answer: If you experience cramping/pain during pregnancy, there are a couple of things you can do for prevention and self-care: Try to sit, lie down or change positions.Soak in a warm bath.Try doing relaxation exercises.Place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the ache.Make sure you get plenty of fluids.
Answer: Consult to doctor much pain is not good for you and your baby
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Question: Hi I m feeling pain at my right side rib (paslii) from last two days .. what I do ???
Answer: 1.Wear Loose Cloths Women like to wear their regular clothes even in pregnancy. However, those cloths will become unsuitable with the pregnant days passing by. To relieve rib pain, you have to spare such restrictive and tight clothing to avoid adding pressure to your ribs. Get yourself some suitable, loose clothing for easier breath. You also need a bra. A nursing bra is optimal, which gives support but will not confine your breasts in after-birth days. 2.    Lean Yourself Back Lean back is a good posture to relieve pressure of the extra breasts weight or other parts of your body. Remind yourself to maintain a good posture. You can stretch your upper body backwards to expand the belly space and ease the rib pain and strain in lower back muscle. 3.    Use Pillows to Support You at Night If there is one tip to give any pregnant woman this is it. Invest in lots of pillows around you. Then lying down can relieve all your soreness with pillows under your lump sections, which can also ease much pressure in your body and relieves rib pain. 4.    Move Around Move around or do some mild exercise is necessary for bowel function and pain relief. The last thing you should do is become a couch potato.  You may not feel like it, but you need to get moving. You can just walk around if that’s all you can tolerate. And don’t keep stand or sit for a long time. 5.    Sleep on Either Side Position can be a major factor in relieving upper back and rib pain. Sleeping on either side, usually recommending the left side or your painful side, gives you great help in pain reducing. 6.    Do Some Massage Massage is a great way to relieve rib pain. It only takes a few minutes of gentle motions to relax those strained muscles. So apply some gentle massage against the painful sections and make you relieved from the rib pain. 7.    Try Cold or Warm Compress Some women find comfort in placing ice packs on the sore ribs while others prefer warmth, like a shower or a bath. Ice bags are an easy alternative that are available in most homes. Putting ice bags on the painful ribs and elevating your arms above your head will help you a lot in rib pain relief. A warm bath will help you relax and soothe your aching muscles. Soaking yourself in warm water can relieve your discomfort. Even a quick warm shower can help with a short term relief of rib pain. 8.    Use Supportive Products There are numerous types of supportive products available. Belly bras, lumbar seat pillows, a body pillow, even a belt to support your lower body. These can reduce rib and back pain and some mothers simply won’t do without them.
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Question: Hi.. I am feeling so much acidic pain in my upper abdomen. What should i do?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 36 weeks pregnant Acidity s common during pregnancy ..due to progrstrone harmnone changes....some women have morning sickness nd some has evening ...nothing to worry abht. .try these remedies.hope it ll help u.. Avoid oily spicy nd junk food..-Go 4 walk daily fr 15 to 30 min daily twice a day..Take healthy diet ...Such as cold milk home made. sharbhat .. buttermilk.....curd...coconut water..fresh fruits apple..banana ..orange..sweet lime..watermelon..muskmelon..etc..when u feel more acidity take a glass of cold water add 2 tsp baking soda mix it nd drink ..it ll help u .-Take lemonate daily..its a sourcevof vit C helps in vomiting nd acidity..Apply hing in ur cooked veg .it help in acidity...-Wear loose nd cotton clothes. Take plenty of water and fresh juices...
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Question: From last two days, i have been feeling a pricking pain in my lower abdomen right side. Is this normal?
Answer: Hello! It is mostly common. It happens mainly due to the growing of the uterus which causes the muscles and the ligaments to stretch. There is nothing to worry about. Try these if it is uncomfortable for you. Change position and sleep on sides. Drink plenty of water Get some exercise. Take care
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