27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling sharp pain in my groin on the right side where the right leg joins the body. Last time it started only around 37 weeks and my doctor had told me this is because the baby's head is coming down. But I am only 25 weeks now. Should I be worried?

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Answer: Hi Dear! This could be a round ligament pain what happens is the band of tissues which supports uterus keeps growing throughout the pregnancy to accommodate the baby in your system or to help the baby to grow more so this kind of pain is common in the due course of pregnancy and if all ur reports are fine pls dont worry ur baby wonr fall in birth canal now it has a long time to happen that.. Hope this helps!
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    radhe krishna29 days ago

    Theres a chance it may be sciatica. I have it since 20 weeks. There are some easy yoga or exercises for sciatica in pregnancy . Do them on soft surface. U will be relieved. Also does the pain travel all over the leg. Check with dr or google for symptoms .its very common at this time. Like if u find the answer helpful

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Answer: Hello dear.. During pregnancy, weakness is common issue, because your body is traveling through new phase both physically and mentally,to overcome weakness follow these steps Eat five to six meals. Tiredness mainly cause due to lack of nutrition,so eat healthy diet ,and have small meals frequently Sleep Pregnant women should have atleast 8-10 hours of deep sleep,will enable you for proper functioning of body, inadequate sleep will leads weakness Increases your iron level If you have low iron value or Anemic,you will have lot of tiredness,so have iron rich foods, include more veggies,fruits,nuts and dryfruits in your diet Practice pranayama Start practicing Pranayam,these breathing techniques will relive you from all sorts of discomfort in pregnancy Enjoy your pregnancy Start enjoying your pregnancy period, because if your mood is not well,you will not able to concentrate on anything,so keep yourself engaged,and have a happy pregnancy
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant .my baby's umbilical cord is around the neck.is the situation risky?
Answer: Hello, Since the baby moves around in the uterus, the cord does get wrapped around the neck. But don't worry sometimes it get unwrapped by the time of delivery.
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Question: I am 37 weeks , doctor said babys head at the left side of belly , little down from belly button before two days. Now i feel my baby's movement at the top of the belly and while touching my right side i feel emptiness. How long it takes the baby to settle its head down. I feel lot of movement
Answer: usually after 36 weeks baby s settles down in cephalic position.. don't worry u still have time..sometimes baby come in that position just when labour starts
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