36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling pains like period pain and pain below navel area, Is it false pain or real pain? I am in 35 week

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Answer: Congratulation on your pregnancy drinking jeera decoction with sugar and ghee reduce the pain then it should be false pains due to gas formation or acidity if pain does not come down you need to contact doctor all the best
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    Hoor Shaina823 days ago

    thank u

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Question: I m having periods time pain since half n hour.... Pain is not increasing, is it a false pains or real pains. Do we get real labor pains in 36 weeks only
Answer: You can get labor at 36 weeks incase of pre term delivery.Please look out for other signs of labor like mucus plug discharge,water bag leak,increase in frequency and intensity of the contractions etc. It could be false labor or due to baby dropping as well. If pain persists or you see the above signs in association with it as well you must report it to your doctor at the soonest.
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Question: Feeling pains in pelvic area and left side too, is this labour or any false pain
Answer: It's quite normal to have pelvic pain in pregnancy as ur body slowly preparing for birth, it pushes ur pelvis and streches ur muscles for delivery. Nothing to worry about. Use ice pack over the pelvic joints.Take a warm bath.
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Question: Hi Dr yesterday I got false pains .I thought it was Labour pains.dr said it is false pains.i can we recognise is it false or real labour pains
Answer: Normal pains starts few days before labor accompanied by mucus discharge you can also see streaks of blood, water leakage, nausea, back pain too
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