27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling pain in abdomen some time. Is it ok?

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Answer: Hello dear this is normal and it's because of the increased baby growth which will cause pressure on the abdomen and cause pain. While sleeping keep pillow between the legs. It will reduce the abdominal pain.
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Question: Feeling little cramp in lower abdomen some time . Is it ok?? Im 5 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear.., it's normal don't worry about it.. please drink plenty of water nd always maintain u r body at cool temperature .. this is the most sensible time in pregnancy ... Daily drink coconut water nd buttermilk and required amount of water... Avoid spicy food like masala food nd heat food.then enjoy your pregnancy
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant. Have lower abdomen pain like in periods. Feeling tired some time and also have breathing problems. Is it OK?
Answer: Hi dear ,it is all normal.there are so many y hormonal changes happening in the body so you must be feeling tired .also due to increase if progesterone hormones in the body it can make breathing difficult. So nothing to worry. Eat healthy food. Eat something every two hours. Drink lots of fluids Keep your posture erect Sleep on elevated pillow All this will help yiu Take care
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Question: I am feeling some sudden pain in my abdomen is it normal
Answer: Mild pain norml..If its severity intensity nd duration increases then u should seek medical attention immediately
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