37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling like my lower abdomen has become very heavy........and facing frequent urination.......and also very difficult to walk .....y it is soo....

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Answer: Very much normal...The size of the baby is increasing and putting weight on the uterus which results into frequent urination alongwith feeling of heavy abdomen ..There might be abdominal.tightening also ...But always ..Highlight any discomfort to the doctor..Because...Doctors sometimes advise medicines to stop pre term.birth if the pressure is too.much however if you have already crossed 36 weeks then pre term.delivery is not happening.to you
Answer: As your pregnancy progress, your growing uterus squishes other organs especially your bladder. That's the reason pregnant women pee at every half an hour. Keep drinking lots of water and use washroom frequently. Don't avoid drinking water as it might lead to dehydration which in turn causes early labour. The heaviness in lower abdomen and difficulty in walking indicates that baby might have dropped. Rest as much as you can.
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Question: I have completed with 6th month and 7th month has started......I am feeling a little heavy in my lower abdomen......y it is soo
Answer: and here you must be gaining weight and also your baby is growing so you are feeling this have a nice because of your baby's growth and also your baby must be patang lots of pressure on your internal organs these are the reasons behind is pressure sore so don't take any tension and whenever you walk or get out of bed just give support to your tummy area with your hands. Take care of yourself
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Question: i am having pain in my lower abdomen.. and also frequent urination.. is it normal in my 18th week pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear..it is normal to have lower abdomen pain and frequent urination in pregnancy...this pain can be gas pain so avoid having fried food in pregnancy and have a walk daily for atleast 30 minutes....and as ur uterus is growing, it is putting pressure on ur bladder resulting in pressure on it wnd thus u have to rush to toilet... don't worry..take care
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Question: Hi doctor... Now a days I am feeling heavy in my stomach and lower abdomen... It feels con't able walk also... Y it's like that??
Answer: Hello! Feeling heavy is common but not able to walk should not be the case. Actually during the 5th month there is considerable growth and development in the baby which makes us suddenly feel heavy. But since for you it is difficult in walking also, please consult the doctor once. Take care
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