38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling heavy tummy and pain sometimes in my lower back and tummy. Is it normal ?

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Answer: Dear you have entered the final stages of pregnancy. You will experience more pain at lower back and cramp like pain in the abdomen area. Take care and watchout for the pain. If pain comes in regular intervals, you need to meet your doctor without any delay
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    Saroja Manikandan891 days ago

    How to get rid of those pains ?

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Question: Hey mam im now 17 weeks pregnant feeling pain in back bone and lower tummy and heavy discharge...am worried about. :( It is normal?
Answer: Deae if the discharge isn't white then it has to be reported to your gynae. White sticky discharge is normal during pregnancy. Lower tummy pain is absolutely normal due to ur exoanding uterue whuch causes period like cramps in lower abdomin. Back bone pain is again normal as your expanding uterus is causing pressure on ur back bone. Few tips for relief 1.) Practice good posture. As your baby grows, your center of gravity shifts forward 2.) Get the right gear. Wear low-heeled — not flat — shoes with good arch support 3.) Lift properly 4.) Sleep on your side 5.) Try heat, cold or massage 6.) Include physical activity in your daily routine Hope this helps.
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Question: Feeling pain in stomach and back... Even lower stomach is heavy and also feeling pain in lower stomach near to vagina.. Is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear, First times, this usually happens by the 36th week. In others it may happen as late as in labour. The baby’s head is now fixed and its movement may seem reduced. Instead of active movement of the whole body, you may just experience the movements of the legs and perhaps the arms. The head which is fixed in the pelvis, may press on the urinary bladder and this may lead to difficulty in urination or increase frequency of urination. You may have noticed an increase in the discharge through your vagina. This is OK as long as it is colourless and sticky. Watery / blood stained or discharge of blood has to be reported to your doctor immediately. Take care...
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Question: Hi i am feeling little pain and tightining in my lower abdomen sometimes. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear it may be gastric so take food regard that.
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