32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am feeling burning sensation in my stomach.How can I get relief from that.

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Answer: I had the same prblm my midwife gave me mayogel n told me to consume warm water regularly and it is workng!
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Question: Sometimes i m feeling burning sensation in my stomach what to do at that tym?
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .dat sensation is acidity. U should drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and honey one spoon each added in eat half an hour before ur meal time. That will helps u in reducing acidity gas and heart burn which is very common during g pregnancy. It worked in my case. All the best.
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Question: i am feeling burning sensation along food canal.....what to do to get rid off from it..
Answer: Your stomach that works to digest the food but in pregnancy the hormone progesterone starts relaxing and passes the stomach acid for easily and irritate. Hormones also slow down digestion, causing for less stomach acids to be produced. 1. A glass of water with a tsp of fresh lemon juice with honey. 2. Boil a glass of water with a small piece of ginger for 10-15 min and have it throughout the day. 3. Coconut water empty stomach early morning. 4. Chew fennel seeds after every meal. 5. Buttermilk works well. 6. 4 litres of water daily 7. Have some peppermint 8. Yogurt or a glass of milk can also relief heartburn. 9. Try to avoid eating a couple hours before bed or a nap 10. Walk twice daily to helps in maintaining easy bowel movements.
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Question: I m feeling burning sensation in my throat what can I do to reduce it
Answer: Hello dear If u are feeling pain in throat then it might be some bacterial infection. In it throat gets irritated and inflamed, causing a sudden, severe  sore  throat. Nothing will happen to baby. Remedies: 1. Take ur temperature 2. Gargle with warm salt water to help your sore throat feel better. 3. Avoid cold liquids,Instead, try caffeine-free herbal teas, such as lemon tea with cinnamon. Be sure to stay hydrated. 4. Get plenty of rest to allow your body to heal.
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