10 months old baby

Question: I am feeding my 10 months old baby and he has recently got 4 teeths. While feeding he sometimes bites it and due to that my nipples has become sore and I can see slight wound with some blood. So wanted to know should I still continue to feed him from the breast and also what should I apply so that it heals faster?

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Answer: Hii if possible to make baby stop the feed then try to do. As now baby started taking solid. Use nipcare cream to cure the wound.
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Question: I have sore and cracked nipples...breast feeding is so much painful..what should I do.please help me out!
Answer: Hi,Dear I understand your concern, breastfeeding is not a easy job, you can use your own breast milk to heal sore, cracked, bleeding or blistered nipples. Breast milk has antibacterial as well as healing properties that help treat sore nipples. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the affected nipple before breastfeeding. After breastfeeding apply some milk again. Allow it to air dry thoroughly. Repeat the same for the other nipple take,And also apply cold ice packs on nipples ,coconut oil too you can apply.take care .
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Question: Hie my baby is having very severe teethng issue sometimes he become so cranky due to this should I apply honey on his gums??is it helpfull
Answer: Honey won't help in relieving the problem. Give him something to bite on. Both my babies had such problem. Follow this link. This product is very much helpful. Add any fruits to it and give to baby. He will get satisfaction of chewing sucking n also get benefits of fruits. http://flipkart.healofy.com/Baby-Teethers-N-Soothers-lil-something-to-chew-on?prId=1ND&referral_id=AJ72N Happy to help Happy motherhood
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Question: My baby is 1year 11months he fell down and had a wound in mouth what should i apply to cure that wound
Answer: Hi dear if the wound is inside the mouth then dont apply anything as it will heal on its own with saliva or if it is outside then you can aaply coconut oil or betadine on the area ..
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