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Question: I am fair in color and my underarms were also fine in color but now I have noticed that my underarms have turned black during pregnancy.. is there any remedy to bring it back to original color..?

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Answer: Hi dear the colour change on your body is normal and mainly due to hormonal changes. There's nothing to do. The original color will come back gradually after delivery. Don't worry there. There's still time.
Answer: Hi dear, it happened with me as well. A simple home remedy would be to apply baking powder on it and clean it after 10 mins you would see the difference soon.
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Question: mine is fair color but now in end of 6 month pregnancy my skin color is dwn like dark brown / black color ..neck is also dark
Answer: Yes, it's common to develop blotchy spots of darker skin when you're pregnant, a condition called melasma or chloasma. Melasma is also sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy because the splotches typically show up around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead in the shape of a mask. Don't worry it will be fine after delivery.
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Question: Hello Doc! My vagina has turned black...., dont know why...... May be becoz of use of hair removing cream once in a month since 8 yrs..... Any remedy to turn it to original color back?
Answer: Hello V Asians have dark pubic areas naturally. The creams can make it worse. If u want to lighten the color then u can get a bikini wax done as the natural ingredients in the wax will bleach ur skin to give it a little better color. Hope I helped
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Question: Wen my baby was born his skin color was fair but his whole body is getting darker day by day ..any remedy to retain his original color
Answer: Hi! If baby was born fair and renained so pls dont worry baby will regain it at this age of 21 months baby is tanned becz of exposure to sun, mud, natural air and pollution, so dont worry it will be fins once baby knws how to take care of himself.. Hope this helps!
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