25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am facing a problem of sore throat and cold..lot of pain in my throat kindly tell wht to do? any home remedy will do the thing..?

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Answer: Take luke warm water. If fan is on during sleep then cover ur face with dupatta
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Question: I've cold and sore throat...any effective home remedy ... ?
Answer: Hi These simple tips help you tackle a sore throat during pregnancy without causing any side effects:Avoid cold and fizzy drinks during throat infection. These drinks can aggravate the condition. Drink a lot of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Stop eating fast foods, and processed foods, especially the ones that contain colors and preservatives. Have herbal teas such as lemon tea and green tea to reduce the scratchy sensation and pain in the throat. Steam inhalation can help in relieving nasal congestion and pain caused due to the throat infection. Gargle with salt water at least thrice a day because salt fights the bacteria. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to salt water as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Relish on a healthy diet. Stick to foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Take enough rest. Do not share utensils, towels or cups with a person who has throat infection as you may contract it. Do not talk more; give rest to your vocal cords. Wash your hands every time you sneeze or a cough. It is the best way to prevent any infection. Avoid smoking and passive smoking as it can worsen the condition..
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Question: Hi. I had cold milkshake yesterday. Today i have a bit of cold and sore throat. Any home remedies?? Will the cold afect the baby??
Answer: Mix honey and limestone in equal amount and when you feel hot apply it in your throat, do not swallow it, best external application for cold and sore throat, this is somewhat sticky and feels like glue, but worth it. Garlic smashed and apply the juice will also help a lot, but be careful not to keep garlic for too long as it will burn the skin, just apply the juice with a cotton cloth, this is very effective For internal : 1. mixture of honey and pepper, 2. One betal leaf with 4 peppercorns in morning 3. A small piece of ginger juice in honey Hope this will be helpful, if it is ill be happy
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Question: Hi I have sore throat and running nose. Kindly advise a home remedy
Answer: Hello! you can try these effective home remedies *Warm, salt-water gargles help by drawing out the mucus and reducing the painful swelling in the throat. Salt also quells the itching sensation in the throat. *Nasal strips These sticky tabs gently help to open up nasal passages so that you can breathe easier. *Drink plenty of water  It is important to stay hydrated as some common cold symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose can cause slight dehydration. Avoid drinks with caffeine as they may dehydrate you. *Honey and lemon Hot water with honey and lemon can work miracles. Honey soothes your throat and the vitamin C in the lemon boosts the immune system.  Ginger juice helps relieve the pain.  
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Question: Hi. My baby has a sore throat. Any home remedy
Answer: Medicines and doctor visits may be necessary in some cases of a sore throat, but mostly it is a minor illness which can be cured through home remedies. Here are 10 natural remedies to cure it. 1. Bananas Bananas are one of the best sore throat remedies for infants. They are soft and thus can be easily mashed and easy to swallow. They are also rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Potassium. 2. Soup / Broth Natural remedies for a sore throat in babies can be as simple as giving a warm soup or broth. This will keep him hydrated and also soothe his sore throat. Make sure that the soup/broth is just warm and not hot enough to scald his tongue. 3. Ghee After your baby attains 6 months of age, you can give him ghee with a pinch of grounded black pepper. This will soothe his sore throat. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties which help in bringing down the inflammation in the throat. 4. Honey and Lemon Juice Honey is an excellent age-old remedy to treat a sore throat and suppress cold. On the other hand, lemon juice is enriched with Vitamin C which is also an immunity booster. This drink can be made by mixing few drops of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice to a cup of warm water. Giving this drink 3 – 4 times a day to the baby will cure his sore throat in no time. However, never give honey to a baby less than 1 year of age since it can cause infant botulism. 5. Garlic Boil few cloves of roughly crushed of garlic in water. Once it cools down, give few drops of the liquid to the baby with the help of a dropper. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the garlic give fast relief from a sore throat. 6. Mustard Oil Warm up some mustard oil. You may also mix some crushed garlic and some fenugreek seeds. After the oil cools down, you can gently massage the oil in the baby’s throat. Massaging the throat with the oil will give a warming effect and soothe the baby’s sore throat. 7. Steaming Fill a bucket or tub with hot water. Close the door and window of the bathroom. Once the bathing area is filled with steam, take your baby inside. The steam heals his throat and soothes it. 8. Yoghurt Probiotics which are present in yoghurt help in killing the germs that cause a sore throat. Moreover, it is soft and easy to swallow. Mixing it with some fruit like mashed apple, banana or fresh berries is a great idea. This will increase the Vitamin C content which helps in curing the sore throat. 9. Breast Milk Breast milk acts as an immunity booster for newborns. The antibodies present in the milk helps to fight against all types of germs, bacteria, and virus. So, babies under 6 months of age do not require any other medication. The mother’s milk is the best remedy for a sore throat in newborns. 10. Humidifier A humidifier in the baby’s room can moisten the dry air and keep the baby’s throat moist. However, make sure to clean the humidifier regularly and put fresh water in it. If not done so, it could become a breeding ground for more bacteria. Home remedies are convenient and help during a dire situation such as night time when it may be difficult to take your child to the hospital. However, people should restrain themselves from taking chances, especially when it is to do with the health of small children. Hope it will be helpful to u
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