36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am experiencing lot of pain in pelvic bone region(above pelvic region on ring bone)....does this pain cause any harm to my baby during delivery

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Answer: Hi, it is normal because the baby is pushing down there is absolutely fine.while sleeping keep pillow between your legs which will help to give you some comfort also sit down on the bed and keep your leg straight up which will also help to give you some comfort
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    Ramya lakshmi Paidimarri418 days ago

    Priya thanku......does did pain goes away after delivery

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Question: Hello .am experiencing pain in pelvic region and few contractions ..is there anything to worry
Answer: This are false contractions... By now.. You may get this type of slight pain... If it comes n goes with the position changing dont worry. If the pains are constant... And regular then it needs to take into consideration. Hope this helps you...
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Question: I hv entered in 33 weaks, i am suffring from lower abdomen pain & pain in pelvic region, is this symptoms of delivery? This is my first pregnancy
Answer: hi getting lower abdominal pain and pelvic pain is normal it is because as the baby is growing and pushing down it creates more pressure on the lower abdominal region and the pelvic region therefore do not worry however you can do hot water compression which would help to give you relief you should walk slowly also while sleeping it is better to keep pillow between your legs which will help to give you comfort while sleeping
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Question: Hello ,i am through a lot of pain in my pelvic bone and uterus muscle bone
Answer: Hello! Pain in pelvic bone and uterus muscles is common. It might be due to constipation or the increasing weight of the body. For getting immediate relief, please lie down on your sides. Also try these to minimize the pain, drink plenty of water, do exercise,,specially pelvic floor exercises like kegel, and you can also give warm compress by a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Take care
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