33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am drinking a lot of water..is my baby gains weight bcoz of that..i mean more weight

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Question: Can i drink more water after normal delivery, will it increase tummy size by drinking more water, currently i am drinking 5 litres of water
Answer: Hi dear, I understand that you have a normal delivery and first of all congratulations. ..Regarding your query , it is important to drink boiled water asper ur requirement and there is no need of drinking fixed and particular amount of water .Your tummy size will not be increased after delivery especially by drinking more water.Drinking water helps you in keeping hydrated, and also helps u preventing constipation after delivery, increase in quantity of breastmilk. . Make sure that u r using a belt for keeping ur tummy flat after delivery as u r having an advantage of normal delivery at least for 3-4 months and U can drink as much of water u require.Hope this helps u.
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Question: Should drinking water in a lot of quantity may lead to increase in weight
Answer: No never. You mist drink water to keep yoirself hydrated. Water is essential as it olis also one of the few things that you need to consume to get good milk supply. It doe not increase weight
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Question: My weight gains lot in every month 2 kg more..dr said not to gain more weight..i m 24 weeks pregnant..my weight is 68 kg
Answer: it is ok , i also gain wait like that only , my personal experience
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