22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am done with my Triple Marker Test and my reports are positive but doctor is advicing me to go for Quadruple Marker Test as well.Please suggest....

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Answer: Hi, if reports are negative and u don't have any family history or you are less then 35yr then u don't need to go for this test. Ask your doc that why u need it if u have negative tripple marker reports.
Answer: I am sorry I meant my reports are negative and not at high risk.Still doctor is telling me to go for Quadruple Marker test.Please suggest....
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Question: my triple marker test have already done, now doc has asked to go for quadruple test, is it not same?
Answer:  Hello dear both are blood test. Both analyse same thing the risk of foetus to certain genetic disorders. But not same. Some doctor suggest for both.
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Question: My doctor advised me to go with triple marker test..is it compulsory ?
Answer: The triple marker screen test is also known as the triple test, multiple marker test, multiple marker screening, and AFP Plus. It analyzes how likely an unborn baby is to have certain genetic disorders. The exam measures the levels of three important substances in the placenta: alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) estriol It is done in the second trimester. It is not compulsory but for it is recommend for safer side because it can provide important information of your pregnancy to your doctor.
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Question: We have done triple Marker test and it came positive on a high risk now as per the doctor advice we are going for quadruple test but we are not very sure if it again comes positive do we need to go for further test or common conclusion for final decision can anyone share their experience
Answer: Hi. as much as i know quadruple test will also show the ratio as in triple marjer test, so for detail you need to go for Amniocentesis wHich would clear all the doubts about the abnormality (of have any). So you may talk to your doctor again or take second openion. Good luck.
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