8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am diagnosed with short cervix. 2.8cm.in 1st scan I am 8weeks pregnant. What precautions to be taken? Please help

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Answer: hi dear! if your doctor thinks you have a short cervix, she may check you regularly with ultrasound. normally your doctor will either : give you progesterone ( which can be kept in the vagina). it can be take till 24 weeks . but before giving it you will have to keep checking the size. normally now it is not needed as its too early. and also if later on there is some problem a cerclage might be performed( a procedure in which when your cervix opens up early then stitches are take to close it) dont worry there is very last and only if there is any problem later on . so dont worry.! take care dear! hope this information was useful to you !
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    SAYLI DESHPANDE933 days ago

    Thanks alot Dr. Yes your information surely helped m. Thanks

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