Planning for pregnancy

Question: I am diabetic plz suggest how to control my sugar levels and to get womb as early

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Answer: Hi dear there are few steps you can take to prepare yourself for pregnancy. Rest assured that these steps can make a big difference to how healthy you and your baby are throughout the pregnancy you are hoping for.  You will need to be very careful to monitor your blood sugar (glucose) levels, though. That's because, once you're pregnant, you and your unborn baby will have a higher risk of complications. Visit a gynaecologist and share your history, she will guide with a diet plan with a set schedule, which you need to follow religiously.
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Question: High blood sugar levels. How to control. Please suggest.
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to stay hydrated, drink lot of water and juices, eat a lot of fibre, indulge on leafy green vegetables, increase in your protein intake.
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Question: I am diabetic ..please suggest me a proper diet to keep my sugar in control
Answer: Hi Gestational diabetes can occur any stage of the pregnancy. So u have to follow a good diet so ur baby and you are not affected by it. You should eat less sugary stuff like biscuits cakes icecream etc. Try having small meals throughout the day so ur calories are distributed all over the day wch makes it easy to reduce ur sugar levels try eating more complex carbohydrate and lean proteins like chicken fish etc. Limit food containing lots of starch like potatoes rice etc avoid fruits like mangoes or jackfruit that spike ur sugar levels. Include avocado or butter fruit apples pears peaches plums oranges berries. Eat whole grains.
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Question: I ama diabetic patiant and sugar levels r not cuming control even taking insulin pls suggest how to control sugar levels
Answer: Hello. As you are pregnant follow the below to reduce sugar under control 1. Use atta, millet more in your food. 2. Avoid rice. Even if you want to have just use one cup of rice in noon. 3. Add green vegetables in your food. 4. Use bitter gourd to food. 5. Don't eat fruits 6. Go for walking
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