20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am diabetic my random blood sugar is 178 will this cause any problems to my baby

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Answer: hi dear! so your random blood sugar is high dear. so if you are diabetic you might be taking medicine for it dear. also you will have to taken medicines for sure but if you are taking medicines for it then there wont be any problem to the baby dear. also control your sugar intake dear. biscuits also have sugar content in them dear. so keep a check on what you are eating dear. take care.
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Question: Hi, I am 33 weeks pregnant, planning to colour my hairs. Is there any problems of doing this?? I am little worry, kindly guide me
Answer: Hi...It depends which type of hair color you use. You will need to be sure that your chosen product is safe, particularly if you're applying hair color as a skin dye in pregnancy. If u have any other alternative then it would be safe to avoid chemical hair dyes while you're pregnant.
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Question: Me and my husband haf same blood group that is A negative any problems ?
Answer: No dear.... If your are Rh negative and your husband is Rh positive it can cause erythroblastosis fetalis....
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Question: Hi I'm 5th month pregnant. Yesterday I went to glucose tolerance test. I'm having sugar. Is it will affect to baby? Any problem?
Answer: Well try having protein rich diet.and take less carbohydrates..avoid white rice and have ragi,while wheat,brown rice instead.take egg,chicken,more..avoid all sugars from in food.no refined food too..eat less food at a time..but increase ya frequency..snack healthy and never stay hungry for long..keep.yourslef active too..I had mild sugar which I controlled through diet....
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Question: I am getting sourness in mouth and stomach irritating i am 6 weeks pregnant will u plz reply any problem to my baby
Answer: It is due to acidity.. Drink lots of water n take less spicy foods.
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