35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am detected with IUGR by 2 weeks at 33 week scanning. Should I go for IV fluids? Or just oral protein supplement will be sufficient? I didnt take any protein supplement for around 30 weeks. There was growth retardation by 5% and borderline oligohydramnios. Please suggest.

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Answer: 2weeks growth lag is not an issue. It ll pick up in ur future scans if u follow healthy diet. For oligohydramnios u ll be given arg sachets to take daily which ll improve fluid level to some extent. U can also follow healthy diet ND consume tender coconut, watermelon, cucumber, tomato i.e fluid rich fruits and vegetables so it can improve ur fluid level. Also drink atleast 3-4ltrs of water everyday.
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    Daksha Kamlesh90 days ago

    Thank you. The weight average was 1650gm.

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Answer: yes fetal well being scan upto 32 to check d weight of baby
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Question: I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at around 30 weeks (baby weight - 1.4 kg). But I was able to control my sugar levels with strict diet control. During my last visit at 33 weeks, my weight had reduced by nearly 2 kgs and the baby now weighs 2.1 kg. Is the baby's weight normal for a 33 weeks gestational diabetic mother?
Answer: There will always be a mention of estimated fetal weight in your ultrasound report which will be plus minus of 200 to 300 grams and that means your baby weight can be 2.2 or 2.3 kg so you should not worry. the baby weight is good the only thing is you need to maintain proper diet since diabetic ladies need to control their diet as well as see which fruits are not causing them gain sugar. otherwise sugarcane juice is best to increase baby weight as well as jaggery but since you are diabetic you shall not take these two although taking banana peach Apricot plum this will be a good option rather than eating grapes mango or papaya..
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