16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am depressed and crying most of the time it can affect my baby

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Answer: Hi.. High levels of stress and depression that continue for a long time may cause health problems, like high blood pressure and heart disease. When you're pregnant, this type of stress can increase the chances of having a premature baby or a low-birthweight baby.So, dont take too much stress and have healthy diet with proper sleep. Be hydrated and have a plenty of water. Don't worry everything will be fine
Answer: Yes, it will. Plz cheerup and try to enjoy this phase. Be happy and watch happy videos or interact with positive people
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Question: Hi, actually i hv lot of family issues, am crying everyday, feeling depressed, commit suicide, is it affect my baby?
Answer: Oh my God plz it will affect a lot that might lead to Developmental disorders. And for now Don think anything only think about your baby eat healthy think good n stay very very happy. Suicide? U being mom u wan to kill your baby no momma. Tel me exactly wats your problem
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Question: I am feeling very depressed. Will it affect the baby
Answer: Don't be depressed. Dear, enjoy ur pregnancy. Ur stress will affect ur fetus. Stay calm and happy
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Question: Am feeling sad and feeling like crying most of the time...what can i do...is that normal
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations,sometimes one get irritated,looses temper and also get into depression.but though all are normal,but stress is not good for growing baby.indulge in hobbies that can give you happiness and relaxation.daily morning walks would keep mind relax and uplift mood.try to stay away from stress and practice streching exercises.listento good music,read your favourite book to divert your mind.call your friends home.spend time out of the house more.also feel good about your unborn baby and plan his home coming.
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