9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8wk 5 days pregnant and feeling feverish since yesterday night.when i slept covering the blanket,sweating was there.Is it harmful for my baby?

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Answer: Please check your temperature with thermometer and if it's showing high consult a doctor immediately
Answer: Dont neglect fever. Consult doctor immediately.
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant since 20 days i was feeling fluttery below my breast but since yesterday i am not feelung the same is it normal
Answer: Hello, It must be baby's movement. Baby movement starts from 14 week of pregnancy but mother can feel any movement from 19-22 week of pregnancy. Right now you are in your 20 week so don't worry wait for a week you will get baby's movement. Baby move while you eat drink or lie down. So every time you do anything just touch your tummy and feel it..
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Question: My LPD was 22nd December, i am feeling feverish since yesterday. . could this be a sign of pregnancy...we are trying for a kid
Answer: Hi dear..yes..fever kinda nauseating feeling tiredness dizziness along with skipping of menses confirms the pregnancy..check with a UPT. And avoid foods like chicken,prawn,ripened papaya.
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Question: I was feeling my baby movements till yesterday. But since yesterday i am not feeling any movement. I am worried. Pls help. I am 21 week pregnant.
Answer: Hi,if today you don't get a feeling of any baby movements you should be informing byour Dr because it can so happen that you may feel good movements on some days where as less movements on some other days ,but if the movement has stopped ,than don't delay and inform your Dr about this Till then you should try having cold milk and dark chocolate also do good rest This will help
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