23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am craving for slate pencil... is it ok to have it in 3-4 days

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Answer: No dear it's not at all safe. It is the clear symptoms of calcium deficiency in your body. You should consult your doctor she will suggest you some calcium tablets
Answer: No not at all. It a sign of nutrients deficiency, u should consult your doctor, they will give you some medicines and your cravings for such things will go away.
Answer: No its not safe
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Question: I m so much craving for slate pencil these days ...is it safe...??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy craving is normal during pregnancy but Slate pencil is not at all safe in pregnancy it has many chemicals in it and it has Citric levels higher which can totally irritate your stomach so please divert yourself with some other food like some sweet if you are not diabetic if you are diabetic you can have your favourite food other than this take care
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Question: I am 7 month pregnant and craving for slate pencil. Can't stop thinking about it. Is it fine to eat slate pencil.
Answer: Hello, I completely understand your situation cravings during pregnancy can be really weird. We have to understand why this cravings for certain thing is happening to us. so my sister also got the craving of eating Slate, mud or paint during her pregnancy so later we come to know that this is happening because of some calcium deficiency. it's very important to treat the deficiency on the right time. see slate is not that all a safe or good thing to eat during pregnancy it can cause some complications so don't eat it at all . You can divert your craving to any other thing but the one thing is very important to cover the deficiency so talk to your doctor and take your calcium supplements daily without any miss.
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Question: Hello ... I have a craving to eat soil like slate pencil,chalk is it ok to eat all these things
Answer: Hello dear, the craving to eat these things happen only if there is some calcium or iron deficiency in body. So firstly don't eat any of this as it is not at all healthy and can cause severe problems and do take your iron calcium supplements regularly without any miss also so get a check up done by doctor to increase the dosage and to cover the deficiency..
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