9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8weeks preganant,can I eat ghee with lunch??

Answer: Hi dear, You can have ghee in lunch.ghee is anti-inflammatory food,taking it daily would only benefit you.ghee is source of good fat too.iy would benefit your baby too.
Answer: Yes .. ghee is good for baby's growth
Answer: Yeah you can eat
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Question: i am 22 week preganant . Can i eat oats
Answer: Yes you can. Make it more healthy by adding vegetables or milk
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Question: I am 8weeks pregnant can I eat wood apple
Answer: It is true that wood apple is very beneficial to the body and can be used to cure some diseases. Its extract used in the making of the weight loss dietary supplement was considered harmful for the liver.  has not been scientifically proven about what wood apple can do in the life of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Also, the Indian wood apple cannot be eaten during pregnancy. The Indian wood apple maybe used for abortion therefore not good to be eaten by pregnant women. Therefore, if Indian wood apple is not good to be eaten by pregnant women because of its abortive threats to the baby. Then I will advice you not to eat wood apple during pregnancy and during when you are still breastfeeding your child.
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Question: Hiii am 8weeks pregnant can i eat samosa
Answer: Hi If it's homemade you may have when ever you want but if you are asking for outside samosa then ensure it is from a hygeine surrounding and have in occasionally
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