16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 60kg but not put on my wt

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Answer: U r just 16 weeks, don't worry u will gain weight in the coming weeks, eat healthy food, banana,badaam, egg, milk, yogurts, nuts are good for weight gain
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Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant but i did not put on my little bit weight anymore. Is that any problem
Answer: Hello! Generally during the first trimester, women do not put on weight or some even loose weight due to nausea and vomiting. There is nothing to worry, try to have balanced diet and from the second trimester you will find a reasonable gain in weight. Take care
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Question: How can i reduce my wt i hve put on 10kgs .gone through LSCS
Answer: Don't worry you enjoyed your share of motherhood give yourself 3 months Target and work towards a leaner you Remember weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Start your day with warm water Followed by ginger lemon green tea with honey it would get your bowel movement starting and also help you detox . Prepare a detox take a mixture of 1 spoon each of jeera, ajwain, fennel seeds, methi, black pepper Take a small piece of ginger and a piece of cinnamon to it add it to a pot filled with 1L water Boil it for 15 min on medium flame cool and drink it . For lunch have more of protein and less of carbs on your plate and make sure you include curd or buttermilk in your lunch. Have dry fruits or fruits or may be 4 biscuits and green tea in the evening . Have green tea 3-4 times a day For dinner follow the same less carb more protein rule in fact if you could have only Vegetables, fruits and lentil soup for dinner . Have a glass of turmeric milk with cinnamon powder before sleeping . Exercise when you're baby is sleeping start with 15 min and work your way up to 45 min session There are plenty of you tube turorials available  Follow a new workout every week . Take your baby out in the morning to get fresh air it is good for you as well as the baby while he gets his share of oxygen and vitamin D3 you get to exercise as well
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Question: Am feeling so hungry..but my doc suggested not to put on weight cos last month I have put on so much weight.. fruits are not satisfying my hunger... what can I have doctor
Answer: Please dont starve yourself. Speak to your doctor, maybe they can give you supplements or alternative. Also u can munch on oats and veggies too.. or makhana should be filling too. Hope this helps. Happy pregnancy!!! Good wishes!
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