1 months old baby

Question: I am breastfeeding my baby. From today morning my right breast is swollen. And it's very hard when I touch it. Also it's paining near my nippel. I am feeding my baby with right breast but still it is not getting soft. Pls help me

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Answer: Do breast massage , Dip piece of cloth in a hot water and compress on ur breast
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Question: I have swelling in my right breast. It's very hard when I touch. N it's paining near nippel also. Pls help me
Answer: Take hot water sake on the breast. It's more milk production. Do this. You will get relief
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Question: since today morning my right side breast is paining when i touched it had become vry hard wht to do ...
Answer: Hello Dear! Please start feeding from two sides its due to engorgement, also keep switching sides when the baby is feeding. Your Breast is engorged dear thats why the pain. Please express the milk, give warm compress. Wet a towel in warm water and hold it on thd engorged breast you will see mill flowing out. You can also try ice cold pack. You can try cold cabbage leaves under your bra to give have some relief. This will go on till the time the demand and supply get bonded, after few weeks you wil notice your body is producing the quantity of milk your child consumes. Good luck!
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Question: Hi my right breast became very hard it's paining.since morning
Answer: This might be breast engorgement. Empty your breast after some time. Don't let it harden, or else it may cause even fever to you. Empty your breast by pressing or by feeding baby. Do not massage your breasts. Take care or else it may cause swelling or redness also.
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