4 months old baby

Question: I am breastfeeding mother. What do i do to cure my little one's cold?

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Answer: Hello dear. Pls take your little one to a pediatrician your baby is too young to be self medicated. You can try external remedies, roast ajwain and tie it in a muslin cloth, place near baby. Try baby rub (not vicks), use a humidifier in the room, can even cut onions and place in the room. Take care.
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    Afy Doll97 days ago

    U cn milk hlf of kesar stick in milk n gv

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Question: I am breastfeeding mother and having cold what to do
Answer: U can feed ur baby by putting scarf on ur nose So she wil remain unaffected I did the same
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Question: Am having fever and small cold. Breastfeeding mother will it affect my baby? What to do
Answer: No dear, dont worry it will not do any harm to baby rather it will give immunity to your baby. just take fever medicine and also take steam it will give you relief from cold...
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Question: I am breastfeeding one month bold baby. I got cold due to summer and allergy. What should I do to cure it. I am having sneezing.
Answer: Boil milk add a pinch of turmeric and lot of pepper and boil it again. Add sugar to taste. Drink this daily night. It will cure soon
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Answer: Start drinking warm water.. And do gargle twice a day with salt water.. Hope you get well soon
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