40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am blessed with a baby boy on Wednesday

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Answer: Hearty congratulations dear!! Have an amazing motherhood!!
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Question: We blessed with boy baby on Wednesday by c section
Answer: Hello dear.. Congrats and welcome to motherhood, we are all happy for you...
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Question: I am blessed with a baby boy 😊
Answer: Hii, congratulations for your little one, Welcome to the beautiful journey of motherhood. Please take care of yourself and your baby, 1. you need to take extreme care of your body and supplement it with adequate rest, nutrition and sleep. 2. The body goes through a number of changes during this phase. 3. During this period the mother undergoes emotional and physical changes while learning to balance the responsibilities which come with motherhood. 4. In most customs and religions, the first 40 days after delivery termed as the confinement period, are strictly meant for the mother to rest, recuperate and bond with the baby. 5. Keep your body warm by wearing sweaters,tieing scarfs, socks and slippers. 6. Avoid use of cold water, use warm water 7. Take proper diet so that u and baby can get proper nutrition. 8. Feed baby for every 2 hours. 9. Massage the baby with oil gently and wash out lukewarm water , to keep baby bone strong.
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Question: Blessed with a baby boy on Wednesday..tnq for app for all suggestions when i need
Answer: Congratulations and my heart wishes to your little munchkin
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