3 months old baby

Question: I am bf mother, can I take cold drinks?

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Answer: hi, you can definitely take cold drinks bt limited. Since cold drinks don't have any nutritional value it is best to avoid.
Answer: no u should not... not good for u and ur baby...
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Question: Im bf mother can i take tablet for cold
Answer: Hi dear. dear you should avoid taking a medicine if you are a breastfeeding add instead of taking medicine you should try a hot cup of ginger tea with few drops of honey in it it will help you a lot and also drink some hot liquid for example vegetable soup it will give you very much relief . you can also rubber Desi Ghee on your nose the chest and back and steam or Mist will also help you a lot .
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Question: I'm 1 month old bf mother can I have packed cold drinks
Answer: Hello dear, packaged cold drinks are loaded with sugar, food colour and preservatives...so it is not healthy... fresh fruit juices are any day better than packed ones as they're fresh, healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals and also do not contain any harmful chemicals... So please avoid packaged cold drinks as much as possible...
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Question: Can i take cold drinks?
Answer: Homemade cold drinks are fine. Too much cold drinks should be avoided so that you do not get affected by cold or sore throat. Cold drinks while entering body will get body temperature so it will not affect baby. Do not buy store bought juices or cold drinks for your safety
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