9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am asthmatic patients and hemoglobin 8.2 what kind of food I can eat plz answer

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Answer: Hi.. U can take dry fruits like badham(soak in water) and dates daily in the morning. Eat fruits like apple and promogranate which helps you to increase your blood percentage.
Answer: U can eat iron containing food like date. spinach. n all seasonal fruit.
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Question: I am 7th month pregnant now my hemoglobin is 7 what kind of food and fruit to eat
Answer: The top iron rich foods include green leafy vegetableslike spinach, beetroot, tofu, asparagus, chicken liver, whole egg, oysters, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, raisins, amla and jaggery.During pregnancy, the heart works harder in order to provide adequate nourishment to the fetus. The body increases its blood volume by 30-50%. Due to this increase in blood volume, it is important for pregnant women to also increase their intake of folic acid and iron.increasing the intake of iron-rich foods (eggs, spinach, artichokes, beans, lean meats, and seafood) and foods rich in cofactors (such as vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin C) important for maintaining normal hemoglobin levels. Such foods include fish, vegetables, nuts, cereals, peas, and citrus fruits
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Question: My hemoglobin is low so wht kind of food eat
Answer: Hi dear for low hb u should have good containing more of iron . Have spinach pomogeanate beet root almond iron syrup in ur regular day to day routine. Also make sure to have check up after a month time.
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Question: I am 7wk prgnet.. What kind of food to eat...
Answer: Hello... Dear in first trimester, you should have nutrious diet, so follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include folate rich whole grain,oats ,millet,green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits will help lot in neural tube development Always have fruits after meal will increase stamina,thus prevent tiredness Have two glasses of milk daily,also include curd,paneer,tofu will increase calcium content,which is needed for bone development of fetus If you feel more nauseated or have too much vomitting,have breakfast within a hour of wakeup,add ginger,cumin to your diet will helps in preventing these issues,can also have cumin water will help a lot It is essential to drink three litres of water a day,also include soup, juices will help to prevent dehydration Include lean chicken,eggs and low mercury content fish,prefer home made foods rather than outside food, avoid papaya, grapes, pineapple
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