29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am always sitting on the floor .so many people tells that ur baby didnt get sharp nose.is it right

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Answer: thats not true at all.its a myth.dont give any attention to such things.nose n other body parts depends on the genes.all the best for ur pregnancy.
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Question: I am 7week pregnant. As per I have heard that in this time so many people have vomiting problem but I don't have And there is a sharp pain in lower abdominal sometimes Is everything all right??
Answer: Every pregnancy is different and each women has different symptoms. kit necessary that you ll have all the symptoms what others have. Its good that you don't have morning sickness as you can eat healthy. As for pain it's due to stretching of muscles around uterus. Rest for while and it should alleviate. If it's still there then you can consult your doctor.
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Question: Now am 31st week of pregnancy and i always sleep in down said am not comport sleep in bed i always sleep in the floor and sitting also in floor not in chair is it okay pls tellme
Answer: Hi Ya thatsbok just open a mat or bedsheet on floor and sleep or sit...while sleeping turn left and sleep it helps for good blood flow to baby for healthy growth...actually thats a good practice rathen sitting on chair..
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Question: Hi i am 25 weeks pregnant. what should be the sitting position ? Some ladies are giving me advice to sit on the floor so that it will be beneficial as a way of exercise. But i am having trouble while get up and sit directly on the floor. So should i make a habit of sitting on the floor or not?
Answer: You should consult your gynaecologist.. B'coz har kisi ki condition ek jaisi nhi hoti... And plz kisi lady ki advice mt suniye... Agar aapko problem h tbhi to bilkul nahi..
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