23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am already completed week 23 .i feel moment but we same time I feel a different type of pulling on my vaginal areas and bumps is it OK or anything to worry...?

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Answer: Hi dear it is ok.it is due to growing baby weight and expansion of uterus. This also creates more.preasure in sciatic nerve which causes pain in bumps and back. So.dint worry You can do warm water compression You can use heat bag or heat pad.it will help
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    Aiswarya Ason838 days ago

    Thank you

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    URVASHI J BAJAJ838 days ago


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Question: I am on my 13 th week of pregnancy. I can't feel anything inside my tummy. Is it ok?
Answer: Hello dear.. it is absolutely fine.. baby movements are felt from 16 weeks of pregnancy.. in first pregnancy movements may start from 25 weeks also. So do not worry.. all is fine. After a month you will feel baby properly
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Question: I'm 11 week pregnant during my 2nd month I feel morning sickness and craving for different type of food but now I did not feel anything,and also did not feel anything happing in my tummy is this normal
Answer: You feel after 6 month till then take care of yourself eat healthy drink lots of water lots of juices milk fruits vegetables etc
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Question: hi i am 23 week pregnent but i am not feeling any type of moment and my tummy look less what to plz help me
Answer: Were you feeling movements before? Eat some sweet or chilled water and lie down on your left side you should feel movements. If doubt consult doc
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