5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am a working women I travel in metro, bus and walk in bike my husband will drop is their any problem with that

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Answer: Hi dear this much of physical stress is generally not advisable dear. Specially in first trimester as bus walk metro and bike all are very inconvenience mode of transport. So plz look forward to travel on cab or in comfortable mode. I will surely not suggest u ti take chance with ur pregnancy.
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Question: I m a working women & 4 month pregnant also,everyday I have to travel 3 to km in bike,my husband drop me at offc,is it safe to travel in pregnency
Answer: As ur in second trimester ( 13-27weeks).. So their is no restriction of traveling... If u don't have any option obviously u have to use this transport measure But later on u have to go for better option like by car
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Question: I'm working women can I travel in bus while conceiving?
Answer: The first trimester you have to be very careful. No problem in traveling but don't stand for long hours and travel. Get a seat Ito sit and travel
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Question: I am working pregnant women..daily i need to travel in public bus for 30kms morning and evening....is there be any problem for my baby. .
Answer: Safe unless u don't have any pregnancy complications, bt take ur seat and sit don't stand in a moving bus
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