6 months old baby

Question: I am a working woman, my leave is going to end, my baby always wants to sleep on my lap. Whenever I try to put her swaddle she is crying and going to sleep, please help me with it. How to make her to sleep in swaddle

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Answer: Make a habit to. Sleep in swaddle
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Question: My baby is 15 days. Whenever i swaddle her, she wants to take her hands out. She applies all her force to get out and starts crying. Is it necessary to swaddle a baby while sleeping and feeding?
Answer: hi this is completely number for small babies because they don't like to be tied up and therefore some babies like to set free do not worry it is ok
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Question: My baby always wants to sleep on my lap. How to avoid this
Answer: Hi dear usually newborn babies a long for warmness so they may ask us to keep on the left the everyday but it should not be done even my grand mother advised me not to keep babies on lap if we do this for 1 hour today then the baby get used to it
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Question: My baby, she doesn't want to sleep down. She always wants to be on my lap. What should i do? How will she get rid of this habit?
Answer: Til 2 to 3 months some babies will be like that. Later they will change. Nothing to worry
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