29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am a working woman and 7month pregnent.I am living all alone.So I am not able to take proper foods and fruits that is required during pregnency. Sometimes I skip fruits.I am taking normal food as before.I am taking medicines timely.Will there be any harm for my baby?

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Answer: Hello dear this is the problem about every working women but first priorities is the child my dear u should take care about that ur child will not suffer any issues regarding health u have so many obtion u can take coconut water two three times fresh fruits juce u can take dry fruits with u drink milk morning and evening .take care
Answer: Healthy nd nutritional diet needed for baby growth .so try to take proper diet .if u not time take fruits fruit juice.nd take small meal during work .like biscuits fruit cake etc.proper diet. Not skip breakfast lunch dinner .
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Question: Hi i like spicy foods and i eat spicy receipes will it harm the baby if i eat spicy food. Is it mandatory to take fruits daily i skip fruits intake sometimes i rarely take one fruit in couple of days.
Answer: It's ok if u eat spicy. It will not harm the baby. Eat whatever u like. Don't forget to drink enough water and if u don't like fruits u can drink tender coconut and also take fruits in the form of juices. You can also have buttermilk to reduce the effect of spices..
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Question: What precautions i have to take during my first trimester as i am a working woman and faced a misscarriage earlier
Answer: First of all in pregnancy, rest is the main thing in first trimester. Take healthy juices. Avoid long distance travel. Don't carry heavy weight. You know what caused you miscarriage earlier, so avoid that thing completely. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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Question: Hi am 7th month pregnant. .am not able to take fruits as they are...shall i take all fruits as milkshake? Is it better? Or eating as fruits are better?
Answer: Hello! Yes, you cab take them in milk shake also, end of the day you are getting the benefits of the fruits and also the fibre. So there is no problem if you are able to have it in milk shake. Take care
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